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                首頁> 真實譯文展示
                News Translation for FUXI INSTITUTION, Chi → Eng. 我們為伏羲智庫提供新聞翻譯。翻譯語種:中譯英。翻譯級別:專業級

                每年一屆的世界經濟論壇全球未∑ 來(議程)理事會年會匯集他们却不足以致命了全球近不然700位各個領域的國際知名專家和▼重要行業代表,組成40個左右不同主題的理事會,就全球熱◣點和趨勢性問題進行討論,成為主導小燕很全球未來發展方向的重要國際合作與交流平臺。
                The Annual Meeting of the Global Future (Agenda) Councils of World Economic Forum brought together more than 700 world-renowned experts and key industry representatives in all circles, who form about 40 councils of different themes, to discuss on global hotspot issues and trends. It becomes an important platform for international cooperation and communication that leads the future development of the world.
                李曉東教授擔任中國科學院計算所研究員和博士生導師,也是清華大學互■聯網治理研究中心主任和公共管理▽學院兼職教授。根據〗多年的研究經歷和實踐經驗,他在敏捷治理理事會及相關理事會溝通討論時◎提出:互聯網治理領域實踐多年的多利益相關方模式對於第四次工業革命敏捷治理具有◥很好的借鑒作用,特別是要加強非政府主體的參與和█貢獻;大體一致(Rough Consensus)和實踐檢驗≡(Running Code)兩個原則是互聯網發展和治理的基本哲學,要切實提高政策制定的效率和效能;區塊鏈是改進治理模式和提升治理效能╳的關鍵技術,區塊鏈本身要加強敏捷治理,敏捷治理♀也需要依賴區塊鏈技術的有效實現。
                Prof. Xiaodong LEE is the Research Professor and Doctoral Advisor of the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences and he also serves as the Director of the Center for Internet Governance, Tsinghua University and the Adjunct Professor of the School of Public Policy & Management, Tsinghua University. Thanks to years of research experience and practical expertise, he put forward the following ideas at the communication and discussion of the Council on Agile Governance and relevant councils:
                1. The multi-stakeholder model applied in Internet governance for many years is a good reference for agile governance of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and particularly, we need to strengthen the participation and contribution of non-governmental players;
                2. The two basic principles of Rough Consensus and Running Code constitute the basic philosophy of Internet development and governance and we should earnestly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of policy-making;
                3. Blockchain is a key technology for improving governance model and effectiveness. Agile governance should be strengthened in blockchain while agile governance also relies on the effective implementation of blockchain technology.
                After the meeting, Prof. Xiaodong LEE said on his personal public account "Laoliwangshi" that "mutual trust" is a good remedy for today's complex international landscape and huge economic development challenges. And it may even be the only solution to that end! Knowledge exchange and value network are important features of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and a reliable Internet is the key to realizing the value of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 

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                下一篇:Novel Coronavirus News Translation For A World-famous Magazine: Coronavirus crackdown: How companies like Ernst & Young are going to extremes to avoid infections, Eng → Chi. 我們為某世界知名雜誌提供新聞〇翻譯。翻譯內容:新冠病毒肆虐▲,知名企業防疫措▃施走極端。